OSO-AI. Understanding sounds and noises to serve fragile people and their caregivers

ARI, the caregiver's augmented ear

An innovative service to secure elderly people in assisted living homes, and to improve the quality of working life for their caregivers.ARI understands sounds and noises, can extract useful information to present them to the caregivers, for faster and more precise interventions.

"ARI understands that a person is sleeping. I avoid entering the room if not urgently needed."

Stéphanie, caregiver in EHPAD, Isère

"ARI allows me to dedicate more time, with less stress, to the people who require care."

Karim, nursing aide in a retirement home, Finistere, France

the patients

by reducing the intervention time when needed

patients' sleep

When a patient sleeps, AI notifies the staff

working life quality of the staff

by reducing their mental workload and their level of stress

Who are we?

Olivier MENUT








“Sounds, in their vast diversity, offer a new source of information, extraordinarily rich although complex. Until recently, it remained out of reach. We are now offering it in an easy-to-use manner that benefits both patients and their caregivers” explains Claude Berrou, Emeritus Professor IMT Atlantique, member of the French Academy of Science, Laureate of the Marconi prize 2005 and co-founder of OSO-AI.

Incorporated in 2018, OSO-AI has established several key scientifical, industrial and institutional partnerships. Our first product runs in 10 nursing homes.

A first fundraising round, for 4 million euros, was closed in 2020, and OSO-AI welcomed the entry of Innovacom, Novinvest Partners and Breizh Up, into its capital.

They support us

Contact usOSO-AI, 135 rue Claude Chappe, 29280 Plouzané, France